Terms & Conditions of Hire

For the conditions of hire, John Stephens Ltd shall be known as the “owner” and the customer shall be known as the “hirer”.


The contract being between the owner and the hirer and must not be broken by the hirer sub-letting the owners goods without prior permission from the owner.


Acceptance of plant on site implies acceptance of all terms and conditions herein unless agreed in writing. Plant must not be removed from the site to which it was delivered without prior permission from the owner.


The hirer shall be responsible for acquiring fully comprehensive insurance cover for the equipment from the moment he takes possession. The owner is not responsible for a) property damage including cables and pipes, b) death or bodily injury to any person, c) any loss or damage to tyres.


In the event of damage to the plant, the hire charges will continue to be charged at standing time until settlement has been agreed.


Standing Time – When the plant is prevented from working due to loss, damage or bad weather, the charge will be two thirds of the hire rate except where plant is hired on a self drive basis when the full rate will be charged.


In the event of an accident, the owner should be informed immediately.


Should a mechanical fault occur, the owner should be contacted immediately, where upon he will send out or appoint an agent to carry out the necessary repairs. On no account must the hirer carry out his own repairs without authorisation from the owner.


The owner will carry out standard services at manufacturer’s specifications for long term hire. The hirer will inform the owner of the service required.


The hirer will keep the equipment in a fit and proper condition and will be responsible for general maintenance whilst on hire. The hirer will be liable to compensate the owner in the event of excessive wear of the hiring equipment used in conditions the owner considers to be hazardous and unreasonable.


Fuel Oils & Grease shall, when supplied by the owner, be charged at an agreed cost.


Plant hired out on a weekly basis at 40 hours per week Monday to Friday. Plant working in excess of 8 hours per day will be charged at an agreed rate. Saturday and Sunday working to be agreed (Mobile 07860 246752)


A minimum of 9hrs per day for operated plant will apply with operator overtime after 9 hrs Monday to Friday –weekend work to be agreed.


Tractors and machinery should be returned in a clean condition e.g. free from soil, failing this, a small cleaning charge would be made.


The owner does not accept responsibility for the hirer or his employee’s loss of earnings due to breakdown of the hire vehicles.


Puncture repairs are the responsibility of the hirer together with daily maintenance checks i.e. fuel, oils, grease etc