Muck Away


We can help you organise your bulk haulage thanks to our fleet of rigid 8-wheeler tippers. Contact us to find out more about muck away and our waste removal services.


We specialise in muck away and the removal of unwanted bulk materials. Waste is a complex area, governed by a stringent legal framework and important duty of care obligations.


For details visit the UK government’s website for waste legislation and regulations.


So why not let John Stephens Ltd manage the risk with our first-rate waste disposal service, ensuring legal compliance and efficient removal of materials.
We arrange for disposal in the right way, ensuring full compliance with all current legislative


Wherever possible we seek to recycle unwanted products, arranging for them to be processed for reuse with other customers in our network.


The types of waste we can provide a comprehensive solution for include:

  • Inert waste
  • Demolition waste
  • Asphalt (road) planings
  • Non-hazardous
  • Hazardous (eg asbestos)
  • Wood & wood derivatives
  • Green waste (for composting)

Our rates vary and are negotiable depending on the length of time, so call now for a quote on 01625 529 851 or 07860 246 752